Forefront has trained hundreds of pastors and is a sending ministry for indigenous church planters. These church planters work among their own people groups bringing the Gospel to the unreached. They are involved in both village and city/town church planting movements. Forefront Ministries continues to impact thousands of lives through their outreach and distribution of needed material goods.

Forefront Mission is an India-based ministry with an all-Indian staff. It encourages and helps support indigenous church planting movements, working in some of the most forgotten and unreached areas of Northern India.

On the ground in North India, Forefront Mission is led by native church planters who work among their own people groups. Their goal, to bring the Gospel to all according to the vision of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:14.

These Christian volunteers are involved in both rural and urban church planting movements, reaching areas where people groups are among the most neglected and needy – often climbing around sheer Himalaya cliffs reaching elevations of over 10,000 feet!

Forefront Mission impacts thousands of lives every year through local outreaches, sustainable projects to help the needy, and educational programs.

The daring work of Forefront Mission is made possible by friends in India and around the world who pray and support its work to forgotten tribes and tongues.