Training Leaders Is Our Core Ministry
Forefront Leadership Training Institutes are foundational to reproduction and multiplication in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the cornerstone of Forefront Mission’s approach to loving and serving ethnic minority groups in India. LTI training programs follow the first-century apostolic principles of II Timothy 2:2.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ignite movements that perpetuate ongoing chains of new life and leadership. Jesus, the Son of God, commanded us to go and make disciples. The clear-cut command of continuity is imbedded in the Matthew 28:16-20 mandate – discipleship of all nations demands ongoing training of coming generations. It is our vision to birth such leaders; men and women with a desire to train and mentor others to go further and beyond. We look forward to the day when there will be a gospel witness in every village of India.

Our vision is to ignite movements that perpetuate ongoing chains of new life and leadership.

We want to see leaders empowered and equipped to build others.

Our Passion

It is our passion to see leaders empowered and equipped to build others. We desire to see an ongoing fire started that will keep on spreading to every church, group and community for generations to come. Our hearts are fully passionate to see Indian hearts imbued with that unstoppable love which shares, grows and kindles life from above in our neighbors.

Our Strategy

Our approach from the beginning has been to train leaders to plant living churches within their communities. As those churches display the path to life, they grow and multiply. Eventually, this touches others in nearby neighborhoods and villages.

Our strategy is to train leaders that plant living churches within their communities.

Leaders Testify of Growth in Leadership
“In my 12 years of ministry, I never had a chance to go to any formal Bible school. But coming to these trainings seems like I am still studying and also seeing the results on a daily basis. I have a congregation of about 400 people and have helped plant eight churches. Many more are on the way.”
Pastor Yogaraj
“We are so blessed to have these ongoing trainings that impact me personally and the many leaders that we have been able to raise up as a result.
Pastor Padam
“I have been attending these trainings for the past 15 years. Every time I find my vision, zeal and love for the Kingdom getting refreshed. It allows me to hear the testimonies and enjoy the fellowship with other brothers and sisters in the Harvest. Because of these trainings, our church alone has been instrumental to plant more than 30 churches and over 40 leaders have been sent to the mission fields.”
Pastor Suresh
  • It takes only $250 on the average to stage one of these Forefront Leadership Training Institutes. Would you pray and join with us to train more leaders? Click here if you or your church group would like sponsor one or more Leadership Training Institutes at $250 each
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