Empowering the Women of India to Change the Family and Nation
Imagine the need, there are 500 million women in India who will never hear the Gospel unless other women go and share the message of hope with them.

Our Vision

GENDER-SEPARATION and segregation is still the cultural norm in most areas – and therefore only women can reach women. But the good news is that women are being trained in the scriptures to share with one another through Forefront Mission Women’s Fellowships and Women’s Conferences.

“Moms in Prayer” Women’s Groups are growing to intercede for one another and release manifestations of the Holy Spirit at the village level.

Many women in India are “widows” abandoned by their husbands or family; survival is often a problem. We have responded with training programs in in beauty and tailoring. After graduation from these programs, many are able to go back to their villages and start cottage industries.

Proverbs 31 Bible Studies, Sewing Centers and self-sustaining beautician and hairdressing training are springing up through apprenticeship programs and classes.

The good news is that women are being trained in the scriptures to share with one another through Forefront Mission Women’s Fellowships Conferences.

No other outreach program has brought more endorsements and testimonies.

Our Strategy

It is our passion to see leaders empowered and equipped to build others. We desire to see an ongoing fire started that will keep on spreading to every church, group and community for generations to come. Our hearts are fully passionate to see Indian hearts imbued with that unstoppable love which shares, grows and kindles life from above in our neighbors.
Many Testify of Growth and Empowerment
“Through the women’s ministry we have been able to build a strong team of 9 ladies who are working to train 60 more “faithful women” to form groups in their own areas. We are amazed to see the passion these sisters have to share and train other leaders in the area.”
“I am blessed after joining Forefront women’s ministry team. I always wanted to teach and lead women but was never confident. Forefront Mission has helped shape me into a leader with their teachings and training. Today, I run women ministry in my village and teach women from the Bible. I also encourage women for full time ministry. As a result, many have grown in their faith and want to start ministry in their own villages. I am thankful to Forefront Mission for helping me.”
“I run small groups for women in three villages. These are tough settings for the Gospel work as anti-Christian groups are very active here. However, we have good work in these places and God has saved many women. We have also raised many young women leaders and they serve the Lord in their villages. This has only possible because the trainings and teachings I’ve received from Forefront Mission and the women in my ministry team. I am thankful to Forefront Mission for training me.”
“My life has been transformed completely after joining the women’s prayer group in my village. There was a time when I had lost all hope in living. My husband was an alcoholic and would spend all our money on alcohol and didn’t think about me or our children. I felt my life was worse then hell. I met a women in my neighborhood that shared about a women prayer group in our area and asked me to join her. I was reluctant because I was a non-Christian. However, I went there and met the ladies. They prayed for me and encouraged me to trust Jesus. As I trusted Jesus and Jesus began transforming my husband. Today he is free from all bad habits and cares for us. I am grateful to God for this women’s group who led me to Jesus.”
  • It takes only $250 to sponsor a two-day Women’s Training Conference or $100 to help a destitute widow take the Beautician Training Course. A missionary Bible Women can be supported for $60 a month or $720 a year. A “Proverbs 31 Sewing Center” business can be started up for only $420. Would you pray and join with us to train more female leaders? Click here if you or your church group would like sponsor one or more Women’s Training Conferences at $250 each.
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