Worship Halls: A Key to Establishing India Church Plants
Forefront Mission church planters have discovered that it is critical in Indian culture to build local worship halls and Christian centers. Without such halls, it is very difficult to establish a Christian presence in most Indian communities.First of all, worship halls give new believers and interested Hindu friends a place to fellowship in privacy. Rented spaces and house meetings are not private, safe, or consistently available.

Our Vision

Small homes and weak shelters are unable to contain meetings of more than 10 people. Most church meetings have 50 or more people, and in such cases, village structures are prone to accidents and collapse. Furthermore, singing, Bible study and prayer are often interrupted by rude neighbors, housemates and hecklers. Second, many of the new church plants are being gathered together in very remote and rugged regions. The new believers face harsh winters in the winter with high winds, freezing rain and even snow.

Our vision to see have safe, simple and permanent places of worship throughout the region. These indigenous structures must fit in with their surroundings and be large enough for 100 people to freely worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Safe, simple and permanent places of worship throughout the region.

Our Strategy

With the cooperation of existing local churches and our Kingdom partners, we desire to help native missionaries build worship halls in every village.

Cooperation and partnership with existing local churches.

Leaders Testify of Building Worship Hall Results
“Our new Church building has helped our ministry grow. Earlier, we had to rent only on Sundays and we were not able to worship freely or raise our voices in song. We could not conduct mid week services. We prayed for God to hear us in our time of need. The Lord answered through Forefront Mission as they helped us to purchase property and built us a Church Hall. Now, we worship the Lord with freedom and have many services throughout the week for our believers to grow spiritually. I am so thankful to Forefront Mission for the Church buildings they have given us.”
Pastor Jagram
“We did not have a proper place for our Sunday services and special meetings. The place we had was too small and was not sufficient for our Church members. The real struggle started when the number of believers grew and many were forced to sit outside the church hall during service. It became extremely difficult for our people to deal with the wind, dirt, and rain. We wanted a meeting hall of our own but we had no funds. Then Forefront Mission helped us to build a Church! This brought all of our struggles to an end. Now, there is enough room for our congregation to sit together and space for even more to join the church. I appreciate Forefront Mission for helping us in our time of need.”
Pastor Ram Lai
“I used to conduct Sunday services and other meetings in a makeshift meeting hall. It was made of tree limbs and was not proper and sufficient for a large gathering, therefore; I was not inviting many people to our meetings. Rains and storms interrupted our services many times and it was tough to conduct meetings in the rainy season as water would flood into the church. This year Forefront Mission has built a new Church Hall for us. Now, we invite a good number of people for special meetings and share the Gospel with them. I would like thank Forefront Mission ministries for helping us.”
Pastor Jeet Ram
  • It takes only $10,000 on the average to help build one of these Forefront Native Worship Halls in India. Would you pray and join with us to train more leaders? Perhaps you or your church could help buy the property with a contribution of $1000 to $5000? Or perhaps you can add the roof or build a foundation for $2500. Click here if you or your church group would like sponsor a native Indian worship at $10,000 or share the costs with others.
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