Bridge-Building Projects Transform Indian Homes and Communities

As Forefront Mission leaders plant new churches and help local believers build Worship Halls, these new congregations are becoming channels to touch and change lives. These Worship Halls especially become bridges to transform lives in local communities. They become lighthouses to illuminate whole regions. Visitors from nearby villages and nearby towns see the truth of the Gospel bringing new life and victory over addiction, poverty and sin.

Our Vision

One of the most important visions for new Worship Hall church leaders is to find growing and nurturing relationships with the surrounding community. These creates a context to be in a regular interaction with their neighbors. They offer the local church a life-giving opportunity to share the Gospel along with vocational skills and education.

Growing and nurturing relationships with the surrounding community.

Our Strategy

So far, we have started literacy programs, sewing centers, and beauty schools. These community vocational centers have become instrumental as a point of contact to grow spiritually as well as learning a trade.

Community vocational centers have become instrumental.

Leaders Testify of Bridge Building Results
Over the years, we have seen many of the members gain confidence and standing within the communities. The church and community has benefited as trainees find jobs and start businesses. Since we began to adopt these strategies of community development, we have seen many lives changed as trainees have accepting Christ as their Lord and savior.
“Learning to stitch has proved to be a blessing for me. I joined the Sewing Center with a hope that this training would turn my situation around, and it has done exactly that. Now I stitch cloths and earn money for my children’s education, school fees and different needs that we have.”
“Learning to sew was surely very beneficial for me as I try to manage my family, but finding God and walking with Him has been much more rewarding than just learning to sew.”
  • It takes only $320 to sponsor a new sewing center start up or $50 for a sewing machine. Just $250 is needed to begin a new “Beauty Center.” Would you pray and join with us to start more vocational training centers like these – or perhaps a Reading Center? Click here if you or your church group would like sponsor one of these life-changing programs in rural India
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