Literacy Training Makes Awesome Life Changes
Forefront Mission believes in impacting lives in very practical ways, such as learning to read. No vocational training program can match the life-changing impact of learning to read and write. This in turn opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Our Vision

It is our vision to see that all can enjoy and learn from the Word of God. How can the teachings of the Bible be made available to a people who cannot read? There is no other way for these people to grow and mature in their walk with Christ.

All can enjoy and learn to read from the Word of God.

We teach the average adult to read and write in just three months!

Our Strategy

For that purpose, our Forefront Mission Reading Centers have a literacy program to help teach the average adult to read and write in just three months. In these centers we use Bible as a textbook along with phonic charts and other teaching aids.
Leaders Testify of Literacy Center Results
Hundreds of adults have had their lives changed in just the three-month course. Many of them who never stepped inside a school are now able to read and write. It has brought them to new confidence and faith. The shame and embarrassment is gone and most of all, the Word of God is open to them for the first time.
“Study was a dream for me. I always wanted to join school but my parents were not able to pay the fee. Therefore, I began working at very young age and gave up my dream to learn how to read and write. Things changed when Pastor Tikkam encouraged me to join literacy center. He taught me how to read and today I can read and write. Now, I am very happy with my life.”
Joining the literacy program was the best decision I have ever made and it has changed my life. I never went to school because my parents were not able to pay my school fees. After receiving Christ as my personal savior I wanted to know more about Him but I couldn’t read. I felt very sad for this. One day our Pastor shared the literacy program with me and I joined it. Within next few months, I learned how to read and write. Today, I read my Bible and this has helped me to grow more in my faith.”
“I come from a humble background. My parents could not send me to school as they were unable to afford my school fee. Therefore, I was not able to read my Bible. I was discouraged with this and shared this concerned with my Pastor Sher. He introduced the literacy program to me and encouraged me to join. I was so glad and began attending classes. I can now read and write. I am thankful to God for Forefront Mission literacy program which has helped me to read the Word of God for myself and I am growing spiritually.”
Neeru Devi
  • It takes only $100 to put on a three-month literacy program in one of our Reading Centers, for 1-5 people. Would you pray and join with us to sponsor one of these life-changing programs? Click here if you or your church group would like sponsor a Reading Center at $100 each.
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