Sewing Schools Make Survival Possible for the Poor
Forefront Mission’s Sewing Schools bring the Gospel to the unreached and make survival possible for poor families.

Our Vision

The Sewing School Projects are proving to be a very effective way to provide holistic support to communities – merging and meeting spiritual, physical and community needs at the same time.

Community elders and pastors appreciate this very practical way that Christians are helping to enhance economic standards and aid struggling families with self-sustaining work.

By helping women in this way, we get to know the ladies personally and “where they are coming from.” In that way, we can stand with them in prayer and help them find and live out the abundant lives that Jesus Christ has promised us

A very effective way to provide holistic support to communities.

Forefront Mission is helping to bring personal, family and community change.

Our Passion

We are so thrilled to see the community changed and enhanced as non-Christian women participate in the project. Our passion is to not just see these desperately poor women become self-supportive but to find Jesus Christ as risen Lord and Master of their lives. Over time, while they work on these projects with Christian teachers and friends, they find the Lord. This brings personal, family and community change.
Leaders Testify of Sewing School Results
“I belong to a poor family. I always wanted to help my parents but had no skill to do so. One day, I met Pastor Sher Chand who introduced the sewing course to me. I joined the sewing school in order to improve our financial condition but the Lord had more for me. During the course, our teacher shared the Gospel with me. I was so happy to hear the Gospel and gave my life to Christ. Today, I go to Church. I have also learned to stitch and help my family. I am thankful to God for saving my life.”
“I was a non-Christian but married a believer. My husband shared about Jesus Christ to me but I never believed. Then I joined the sewing center in Bijori to learn to stitch. Before every class Pastor Ramesh and his wife encouraged us from the Bible. Their teachings worked in my life and I became serious to follow Jesus. After a few weeks, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I also started reading the Bible and spend time in prayer. Now I go to Church and enjoying growing in my faith.”
  • Forefront has run over 25 centers every year for the past 12 years, since 2004. Many hundreds of village women have graduated and benefited from these programs both spiritually and physically. We open these centers under the supervision of local pastors in the area and each is run by a trained instructor who not only teaches the ladies how to cut and sew, but also teaches them from the Word of God on a daily basis.

    By the end of the 10-month training, 95% of the students accept the Lord and have learned a new trade. Often, the women open tailoring shops in their rural villages, which become social centers to share their faith while they serve the community. Click here to give to this vital ministry.

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